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March 21, 2008

last post for Team NW Iowa Families

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Well, we made it home safely with only one bag out of like 32 not making back in Iowa. Thank you for your prayers. The Lord really did work in amazing ways. We worked hard, but served even harder. The most important thing about the trip…many came to know Christ for the first time.

This trip was truly a blessing. Again, thank you for your prayers.

Team NW Iowa Families


second to last post…

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Well, it is now a dark early world in Guatemala…we are just about to leave for the airport.  We need leave at 5am (6 Iowa time) to make the 8:15am flight.  Please pray for safe travel to the airport and God’s protection and blessing through the check in and take off process.  Things have changed so Dan is unable to come with us into the airport, so also pray that the language barrier will not hinder the check in process.  We are all eager to see family, yet sad to be leaving this place.  We will add one final blog with thoughts and comments when we arrive home tonight or early tomorrow.  Thank you for your continued prayers.

Team NW Iowa

March 20, 2008


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Today was a blast considering dan and I stayed at the base alone on Wednesday. Dan in bed all day very sick and me organizing  medicine for the clinic. It was a miracle that Daniel could pull off the hike. We look forward to seeing you manana. We are suppose to arrive at 4:45 ish. See you on your birthday. Love, chelly and Dan

Maundy Thursday

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To say the least, today was an adventure.  We went back to the new base to gather the last supplies and see our freshly laid concrete.  By the way, it is the best laid concrete in Guatemala (we are not proud or anything).  Then we got a crazy idea to go hiking to the hydro dam which Dan will use for electricity at the new base.  The hike down was fast as it was very steep, slickery, and grueling.  We saw a man carrying logs on his back up the mountain- it was unbelievable.  When we reached the bottom, breathless, we crossed the river 3 times and only Rachel and Jeff fell completely in.  With wet shoes and pants we hiked the rest of the way.  It was well worth the hike.  We came to the dam with a beautiful water fall, which made it well worth it.  It was a breathless view- God is truly good and His creation is awesome!  Then it was time to go back up- oh my.  Our legs  could keep up, but our oxygen tanks couldn’t with the altitude change.  We are talking a mountain that was 100o feet high and it went straight up!!!  Chris and Corey ran up the mountain and made us look bad, and Rachel was the first woman to the top and waited 15 minutes for a few of us.  It was an adventure to say the least, but well worth it and many memories and laughs were shared. 

  At the top, Phil made the comparison of the man carrying the logs up the mountain to Christ carrying His cross up the hill.  Since it was Maundy Thursday we all shared communion with tortillas and gatorade.  We served it to each other.  It was an amazing experience on top of this mountain to share with family and friends. 

  This afternoon we got to experience Antigua.  We went to the local market to purchase Guatemalan souveniours.  We also were able to purchase things from Noami(our cook) at the base. 

  We are looking forward to a wonderful night of devotions together and a good nights rest before we take off early tomorrow morning.  We would appreciate prayers for safe travel as we journey back to the states tomorrow.  We can’t wait to see you all and talk to you!

  Sending our love back home,

    Kathy, Rachel, Jeffy and Amanda for the team

A Couple Pictures

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guatemala-2008-047.jpg guatemala-2008-083.jpg

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March 19, 2008

two amazing days

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Yesterday and today we drove 7 miles (32 minutes) to the new mission base.  I took lots of video and there were many pictures taken as the scenery is simply….well, you cannot look at it and say there is no God…is is amazing.  We were busy today pouring concrete sidewalks (the crew mixed it by hand on the ground!) and a lot of welding and touch ups.  It has been fun and a blessing to be there and see the potential and hear Dan talk about what God has laid on thier hearts about the future.  So far we are unable to figure how to post pictures on the blog, so you will just have to chat with people when they get back.

Up next for the new base: Dan would love to have crew of electrians and plumbers to come down and work and he is looking for someone to come down and help lay out and design the flower beds, and the trees and the landscaping….

Tonight we will be having yet another wonderful night of devotions.  Dan is truly a servant of the Lord and has been breathing life into our group.  God’s Word is so wonderful.  Tomorrow we are looking at helping around the current base…organizing and cleaning galore…..

We will also get the chance to eat (will mention more about the food later) at Pollo Campero (like KFC), and do some sight seeing and going to the markets.

The food has been great….from black beans and rice and tortillas to tostadas and fried chicken…at the base has been American style food that the Lord and given to give us lots of energy.  We are having a blast.  Safe to say, that we are missing kids and family, but sad to think that the week is almost over.  Dios Le Bendiga (God Bless You All)

Justin for the group

Good morning 4th graders!

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I hope your week is going awesome.  We are getting lots accomplished and having a great week.  The weather is still nice and warm and God is continuing to be at work in those we come into contact with as well as within us.  I pray that all is well with you guys!  It was so good to hear from you guys!  It will be good to see you all next week again.  Have a great day and have a great Easter vacation! 

  Dios le bendigos! (God Bless)

  Mrs. Dykstra

March 18, 2008

Leon & Paige

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Hello Leon and Paige,

Were doing just great here.  So far everything has gone really great for us.  They keep us very busy everyday.  By night were all ready to go to bed. Today we worked on the new base they would like to move in some day.  Tomorrow will be laying cement for the sidewalk by hand. Otherwise miss you guys alot. Can’t wait to see you on Friday. 

Love you,

Chris and Mom

PS.  Ray is taking very good care to me!!!

Larson Men

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It has been another very productive day. We worked on the new base. When completed it will be a true retreat center on top of a beutiful mountain, a bit hard to get to but worth the drive. I have been showing all the Guatemalans photos of mi guopo esposo y ninos. Hermano Jesus wants you to come with and preach next time Roy. You would love him, mucho passion and muchas bromas. Andrew you would be taking many pictures if you were here. Daniel has been very sick..fever last night, bad asthma, please pray. He came along to the base made a bed under the shade and won over the heart of a cute Guatemalan 9 yr old boy. Must have been Gods plan. We have to come back here as a family and serve these grateful people! Cant wait to tell you about the dedications of the houses we built, amazing. Miss you both. Love you. chelly and Dan

Tuesday- Working on the new base

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Buenos noches (Good evening)

  Today we drove 5 miles which took 40 minutes through the twists and turns of the mountains and many “speed” bumps.  Paradise Bound is building a new base on the top of a mountain- absolutely gorgeous view!  We framed the walls of the bathrooms, did some welding, prepared to lay concrete tomorrow, started putting the doors in, and many other small projects.  Tomorrow we plan to make- yes mix by hand- and pour concrete for the sidewalks.  Once again, we finished the projects that Dan had planned for both days, in today alone.  They must not know much about the hard working Iowans that we are. 

  Tonight we enjoyed Dominos pizza.  Not nothing like Pizza Ranch- but it was American to say the least.  It tasted pretty good.   Everything is well, all are healthy minus a few allergies, and we are all safe and sound.  Needless to say, we are getting ready for a warm shower and a toilet that flushes toilet paper, and that has more than plastic for walls and cement to squat over.  Other than that, God has been good and things are well.

  Dios le bendiga.

     Melissa and Amanda for the group  🙂

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